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    On Site atlas copco PSA , Industrial Nitrogen Generator 56kg Weight

    Model:NGMs 1

    Whether your company is specialized in chemical manufacturing, electronics, laser cutting or food and beverage, a dependable supply of industrial gas is crucial.

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    Whether your company is specialized in chemical manufacturing, electronics, laser cutting or food and beverage, a dependable supply of industrial gas is crucial. Compared to the on-demand delivery of gas bottles or tanks, on-site production of gas offers a wealth of advantages ranging from cost savings to continuous availability. Atlas Copco’s advanced nitrogen and oxygen generators offer you the ultimate solution: flexible on-site production of industrial gas at the lowest possible cost.
    Atlas Copco’s latest membrane and PSA generators extend the advantages of the current range. Total lifecycle cost consists of the initial investment cost of the on-site installation, the service cost, and the energy cost. The NGP/NGM range has the lowest investment cost. However, with increasing running time, you are better advised to switch to the NGP + /NGM + range to reduce energy costs.
    With an air factor* of 1.8 (at 95%) to 5.5 (at 99.999%) and a special cycle time modulation algorithm, the running cost of the new NGP + can be reduced by 50%, compared to other N 2 generators.
    Wide Range of Applications
    • Food & beverage (storage & packaging). • Pharmaceutical applications.
    • Plastic injection molding. • Electronics.
    • Laser cutting. • Semiconductor manufacturing.
    • Chemical applications. • Metal heat treatment.
    • Cable & optical fiber industries. • Glass industries.
    • Fire prevention. • Aquaculture.

    Membrane: Compact all-in-one N 2 supply
    Atlas Copco NGM/NGM + /NGMs nitrogen generators utilize proprietary membrane separation technology. The membrane separates compressed air into two streams: one is 95-99.9% pure nitrogen, and the other is oxygen enriched with carbon dioxide and other gases.

    Instant supply of nitrogen between 95% and 99.9%
    The generator separates air into component gases by passing inexpensive compressed air through semi-permeable membranes consisting of bundles of individual hollow fibers. Each fiber has a perfectly circular cross-section and a uniform bore through its center. Because the fibers are so small, a large amount of fibers can be packed into a limited space, providing an extremely large membrane surface area that can produce a relatively high volume product stream.

     Membrane nitrogen generators (NGM, NGM + , NGMs)
    Based on innovative membrane technology, Atlas Copco’s membrane nitrogen generators are flexible enough to adapt to your specific applications. And with low operating costs they offer an excellent return on investment.

    Ready to use
    • Requires only a supply of dry compressed air.
    • No specialist installation or commissioning.
    • Fitted with pre-filtration, pressure gauges and flow meter to ensure accurate system monitoring at all times.

    Cost savings
    • Low operating expenses.
    • No additional costs such as order processing, refills and delivery charges.
    • Limited maintenance costs.

    Exceptional convenience
    • Continuous availability (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).
    • Risk of production breakdown dueto gas running out is eliminated.

    Desired purity
    • Nitrogen supply according to your need: from 5% to 0.1% oxygen content.
    • Very easy to set up the device for other purity levels.

    • Fully integrated package.
    • Filters and oxygen sensor as standard.

    High flow capacity
    Ideal for applications such as fire prevention, tire inflation, oil & gas, marine, packaging and many more.
    Long lifetime
    • No aging.
    • No heater.
    • Lasting performance.

    NGMs: efficiency in low flow nitrogen generation
    If you don’t need a generator with a high nitrogen flow and purity, the NGMs is your perfect solution. It meets your specific requirements with Atlas Copco quality, high efficiency, little maintenance and zero operational costs.


    On Site atlas copco PSA , Industrial Nitrogen Generator 56kg Weight 0

    FND: Free Nitrogen Delivery Reference conditions
    Compressed air effective inlet pressure: 8 bar(g)/116 psi(g).
    Nitrogen outlet pressure: 6.5 bar(g)/94 psi(g).
    Ambient air temperature: 20°C/68°F.
    Pressure dewpoint inlet air: 3°C/37°F.
    Pressure dewpoint nitrogen: -50°C/-58°F.
    Minimum refrigerant dryer required to precondition inlet air.
    Typical nitrogen quality 1.2.1 according to ISO 8573-1:2010.

    Operating limits
    Minimum ambient temperature: 5°C/41°F.
    Maximum ambient temperature: 50°C/122°F.
    Maximum compressed inlet air pressure 13 bar(g)/189 psi(g).

    NGMs performance
    is based on 20°C/7 bar at membrane (1000Mbar) + /-5%.

    TypeNitrogen PurityDimensionWeight

    NGMs 1FND Nm³/h4.63.93.2560 x 285 x 115022 x 11 x 4556123
    FND scfm2.752.31.9
    Air factor22.22.4

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